Exposed Acne Treatment Reviews – Does it Really Work?

Exposed Acne Treatment Reviews Note: this review was written by Anya, our Chief Editor for This review was composed by her after several weeks of personally testing and using Exposed Acne Skincare.

Exposed Skincare is a dynamic skincare line created for the elimination of acne in the shortest amount of time. Pooling the knowledge of specialists from different fields of research including dermatology, naturopathy, cosmetology and chemistry, Exposed skincare has formulated a revolutionary range of skincare which prevents all possibilities of acne. The variety of acne fighting ingredients found in Exposed outnumbers all commercial leading acne treatments on the market.

The secret behind Exposed Acne Treatment is in its synergistic blend of science and and skincare naturals. Rather than relying solely on harsh medical ingredients to fight acne bacteria, Exposed Acne Treatment uses only the necessary amount and no more than that. Together with powerful herbal extracts, exfoliating and renewing acids, Exposed treatment clears acne, quickly fades scars and help maintain a clear complexion.

Exposed Acne Treatment is one of the most potent acne products on the market. Exposed skincare contains 3 types of acids for different purposes. Azelaic acid normalizes sebum production, Salicylic acid unclogs pores, Glycolic acid to encourage skin cell turnover and regeneration to fade acne scars. It contains a blend of micro-encapsulated Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, Tea Tree, Green tea and Sage and Basil oil to defeat Acne P. bacteria. Alpha and beta acids also regulate sebum production as well.

Real Pictures of Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment System (Unboxing + Close-Ups)

Here are some pictures I took when I received my Exposed SkinCare set in the mail. This the complete 9-piece kit so you’ll get to see every single product in the line-up. I hope this helps you to get a feel of what you’re actually getting if you decide to buy the Exposed Skincare system.

Exposed Acne Skincare Box

What you'll receive in the mail - a box and a separate bottle of pills.

Exposed Skincare Acne Packaging

What the products looks like when you open the box - nicely packed!

Exposed Skincare Acne Products on Display

Took them out of the box and laid them out - notice there are two derma cloths. Nice!

Close up of exposed skincare product

Close-up of one of the products - vacuum sealed for hygiene and effectiveness.

Exposed Acne Derma Cloth

A close-up of the derm-x exfoliating cloth - its soft!

Exposed Skincare Pills Label

Here's the ingredient list for the bottle of probiotic bills - it also includes vitamin A and zinc, which is great!

Exposed Acne Pills Closeup

A close-up look at what the pills in the bottle - capsules with powder in them. Very easy to swallow!

Exposed Acne Treatment

A final shot of the products standing in order - attention!


How Does Exposed Acne Treatment Work?

After looking at the pictures, you might be wondering how the entire range of products should be used. Here’s a description of each product along a list of the active ingredients. I also added some personal opinions on the product after using it on my skin.

exposed facial cleanserStep 1. Exposed Facial Cleanser

Cleanse your face with this effective cleanser containing natural antibacterial Sage extract, Pro vitamin B5 and exfoliating Salicylic acid. This isn’t the usual foaming cleanser and so does not dry out the skin. This opaque gel cleanser never fails to leave my skin feeling comfortably well cleansed. I love teaming up it with Dermagist’s soft Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth. The Salicylic Acid content in this cleanser unclogs pores and rids oil quickly and the Sage extract works by detoxifying the skin.



Exposed clearing tonicStep 2. Exposed Clearing Tonic

Follow up with an antioxidant rich and exfoliating salicylic acid skin toner that corrects the skin’s pH balance. Fortified with sage, passion flower, green tea and aloe extracts. This clearing tonic is amazing! This botanical beauty toner contains 1.0% Salicylic Acid as a topical treatment to melt away all pore obstructers. It minimizes pores and inhabits bacteria as well. The toner sinks right into the skin the second it’s applied. Daily use of Exposed Clearing Tonic really helped cleared and even out my complexion.



exposed acne treatment serumStep 3. Exposed Acne Treatment Serum

This acne treatment serum makes the skin inhabitable for acne bacteria. With skin normalizing Azelaic acid, anti antibacterial Green tea extract and micro-encapsulated Benzoyl Peroxide. I find this formulation extremely potent in subduing stubborn, angry red zits which refuses to come to a head.

Applying this serum can ripen acne bumps and flatten zits within 12 hours. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory herbals and BP in this serum. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the Exposed Acne Treatment Serum is to be used in the morning/day.

Taking advantage of how well this serum spreads, I also used it  daily as a topical back acne solution. So far, it has helped flatten out those irritating cluster zits within a few applications. Spots on the back are now few and far between.



exposed clear pore serumStep 4. Exposed Clear Pore Serum

To eliminate and prevent whiteheads and blackheads, apply Exposed Clear Pore Serum after the acne treatment serum. This serum renews skin with hydroxy complex. Extracts of Licorice, Medowsweet, Basil and Green tea provides additional antibacterial action.

Like the Clearing tonic, Exposed Clear Pore Serum contains a strong concentration of Salicylic Acid (1.0%). This serum is to be applied at night and has a herb-like scent which I liked. Basil, Meadowsweet, Green Tea are all effective in terms of killing bacteria. Licorice helps with inflammation while Salicylic Acid exfoliates the pores and clear out white and blackheads. I found this to be particularly effective in keeping my problem T-zone areas free from whiteheads and blackheads.


derm x cloth exposed acneStep 5. Exposed Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth

Use this dermatologist approved Derm-X microdermabrasion cloth along with Exposed Facial Cleanser to help remove dead skin cells, make up gunk and dirt. Using Derm X Exfoliating Cloth will keep whiteheads and blackheads away and give you a glowy, clear complexion. Using it will also help to fade minor scars and improve your overall complexion.

The Derm-X microdermabrasion Cloth is so cushiony soft, it is gentle enough to be used on acne-prone skin. At first, I was worried about the cloth being too rough on my dedicate skin but no matter how hard I scrub, it still feels soft and non-abrasive. Cleaning with this cloth makes a whole lot of difference in my cleansing routine. My skin feels so much cleaner when I pair this cloth with the Exposed Cleanser. I enjoy using this cloth so much so that I look forward to every cleansing session. However, remember to wring it dry and air it in a well ventilated area to keep bacteria at bay.


exposed acne moisture complexStep 6. Exposed Moisture Complex

This oil-free moisturizer lists caffeine as a cell turnover promoter.Pumpkin, Green tea, Lemon extracts and Vitamin E to help reduce inflammation and moisturize effectively at the same time.

This moisturizer is perfect as a pre-makeup step as it primes the skin and keeps it looking matte all day while providing hydration. This moisturizer is oil-free and moisturizes without adding shine. Skin looks and feels matte for hours. I’m mighty impressed with this antioxidant rich moisturizer.


exposed microderm scrubStep 7. Exposed Microderm Scrub

Ultra fine, micro-sized corundum crystals polishes skin surface, clearing dead skin cells and revealing a clear complexion. With luxurious Mango seed butter, Grape seed oil, Chamomile and Aloe vera extracts to pamper and beautify your skin.

One of my favorite products in this series is the Microderm Scrub. I have trouble finding a scrub fine enough to be used on acne prone skin. Acne prone skin have a low tolerance for scrubs with coarse granules as it can prematurely rupture pimples and irritate the skin. The molecular structure and size of the granules in Exposed Microderm Scrub however are of the finest spa quality.

This scrub is one of the best scrubs I have tried thus far. The miniscule microdermabrasion crystals in this scrub are suspended in base of natural seed butters and Aloe Vera. This treatment smoothens rough skin, loosen blackheads and gradually fade scar discolorations.


exposed clarifying maskStep 8. Exposed Clarifying Mask

Masking twice a week will help remove impurities and prevent acne pimples and blackheads. Active Sulfur and antibacterial Resorcinol to calm and treat blemishes and clarifying Bilberry and Kelp extracts to help maintain a clear complexion.

The Exposed Clarifying Mask is really one of a kind. It looks like a foundation (tinted color), spreads thinly and tightens after 10 minutes. After you wash it off, your pores become smaller and inflamed cystic acne calmer. The extremely effective sulfur and resorcinol combo never fails to wipe out old acne and kill off fresh ones before they even appear.

I cannot stress how much sulfur and resorcinol really help acne. I use this once a week and whenever I feel like my skin needs serious attention. As my current last line of defense against hormonal acne, Exposed Clarifying Mask will removes oil and gunk as well.


exposed acne pro biotic complexStep 9. The Exposed Probiotic Complex

Consume Exposed Probiotic Complex capsules which boosts a blend of natural Probiotics, Vitamin A, E, Zinc, Copper and Black Walnut as a clear skin supplement support.

Probiotics are really necessary for intestinal health. As the intestines are the body’s main organ for nutrient absorption, not getting optimal absorption due to poor beneficial intestinal flora count in the intestines can lead to acne. Taking Exposed Probiotic Complex fortified with other skin health aiding vitamins will improve your body’s defense system against invading bacteria, improving your complexion from within.

Taking this supplement does help in minimizing skin breakouts for me. I believe my scars are healing faster too with vitamins A, E and Zinc.

You can choose to get the basic Exposed Acne Treatment 5 piece kit which comes with Exposed Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum and Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth at $49.95.

Throw in another $10 for the Exposed 6 piece kit at $59.95 which comes with the Moisture Complex.

The complete Exposed 9 piece kit is at the bargain member price of just $99.95. This is what I’ll recommend buying because its the most value-for-money package.


My Verdict on Exposed SkinCare’s Effectiveness

I have to say that the anti-bacterial action in this series is very effective because of its mild Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) formulation. This is perhaps due to Exposed Acne Treatment’s micro-encapsulated BP at 2.5% concentration which is proven to be the most benign yet effective concentration. Exposed skillful chose the most clarifying of all herbals- Sage, Basil, Lemon, Green Tea and Tea Tree to included along with the penetrative form of BP.

I believed the many steps in the Exposed system is essential for the fastest results. My acne healed really fast with little to no down time. There is no doubt that the separate preparations of Salicylic, Glycolic and Azelaic Acid worked in a synergistic way to help clear pores. The hydroxy blend improves penetration of the anti-bacterial ingredients. Using the Exposed program has also help me get rid of painful hormonal acne from the on start and cleared away the colony of white and blackheads on my forehead and jaw.

I really appreciate that Exposed comes in a complete topical and internal acne treatment kit. While the many steps can be off-putting for some people, I found each step achieving what it was designed to do. Steps 6-8 are weekly treatments while the step 3 and 4  alternated for am and pm use. Exposed also made gentle cleansing and exfoliating tolerable for acne prone skin. I really love their Clarifying Mask! I would use it 2  or more times a week whenever cystic acne threatens to appear.

Exposed Acne Treatment User Reviews and Comments

With less than 5% of their customer base requesting a 100% money back guaranteed refund, you know that Exposed Acne Treatment really works. Reviewers of Exposed complete kits who have tried the whole regime gave glowing reviews of how it cleared their cystic acne fast (mostly within 3 weeks) and kept their skin clear since. They especially found the Exposed Acne Treatment Serum to be very effective in clearing their zits.

The Exposed Clarifying Mask which they claimed helped reduce swelling and redness of painful acne inflammations when used twice a week. Some people with very severe acne reported gradual improvements but with responded slower than others.

Majority of the reviewers who have tried other acne systems have found that Exposed acne treatment worked faster to clear their skin. Exposed was less drying compared to other brands such as Proactiv. Long time acne sufferers wrote that they have wasted time and money on different over the counter brands with limited ability to clear their acne. Some over the counter acne products did work for them but their acne returned.

However, after trying Exposed, they reported that their skin became less oily, with pores more refined than before. Their favorites were Exposed Clearing Tonic, Derm-X mircodermabrasion cloth, Scrub and Mask dramatically reduced the amount of white and blackheads they have on their face. According to them, the best effect was seeing how acne and acne scars disappeared with the entire program.

The Derm-X mircodermabrasion cloth was a hit with many customers. With its ability to open pores, polish and refine skin, using it with the Exposed cleanser really helped maintain a clear complexion..

What most customers disliked about the line is the many steps and serums to use. Despite this, they thought Exposed was worth the hassle since the system delivered results.

Why Exposed Acne Treatment Is Recommended

exposed acne treatment bestExposed skincare contains the most potent acne fighting ingredients. This complete system kills acne bacteria, exfoliate clogged pores and normalizes sebum secretion, thus eliminating all external causes of acne. With a wide range of different types of acids (beta hydroxy acids for upper epidermis exfoliation; alpha hydroxy acids for deeper skin resurfacing), you not only stop acne at its tracks, your acne scars will be lighten too. This winning formula is guaranteed to deliver a clearer complexion in a matter of weeks or your money back.

The herbs used in Exposed Acne Treatment are the choicest herbs with proven efficiency against acne bacteria. Sage, Basil, Meadowsweet, Passion Flower, Green Tea and Aloe extracts combat bacteria, relieve redness and dry up oil. For those who do not respond to one type of medicine eg. benzoyl peroxide, there are more than four other antibacterial ingredients that will bound to be effective. This is why Exposed Skincare is so confident in their product.

Another reason to try Exposed Skincare is that it is very affordable. You really get the bang for the buck with Exposed Acne Treatment. This system has all the best anti-acne and scar reducing ingredients in one powerhouse treatment.

That means you don’t have to go around hunting for random medical creams and herbal and skin resurfacing solutions which may not work well together. Not to mention, they tend to cost a lot more purchased individually as well. You’ll also enjoy member pricing on your first purchase.

Being an Exposed Skincare member has its perks. Membership entitles you to other exclusive discounts as well. If you have some old, empty bottles of Proactiv, Murad or other acne products lying around, simply send them to Exposed within 60 days to get a $25 rebate on your next purchase.

With discreet packaging and customer detail disclosure policies, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. International shipping is available for all orders, shipped via Fed-Ex or Global Priority Mail within 3-14 business days. Orders within US takes only 4-6 business days.

Exposed Skincare is so confident with their products that they are willing to back it up with a double UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. There is a 30 day clear skin guarantee and a 1 year full money back guarantee. This is the longest money back guarantee amongst other leading acne treatment brands in the market today. That means, if it doesn’t work…just get your money back!

After careful testing and review, I highly recommend the Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment line for anyone suffering from mild to severe acne. From first hand experience, I know that it works. And works very well indeed!

Click here to buy Exposed Acne Treatment system now and heal your skin!


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