Does Clarisonic Help with Acne?

Clarisonic is a skin care brush that is used to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin. Clarisonic is very similar to the micro-dermabrasion device as it removes dead skin cells, except it does this with a pulsating brush head instead of a sponge tip. Clarisonic is widely promoted by dermatologists, celebrities and beauty salons.

Clarisonic treats a variety of skin conditions. So the million dollar question for us acne sufferers is this: Does Clarisonic help with acne? Clarisonic promotes cleaner, smoother skin through intensive exfoliation. Acne is caused by dirt and oils. Since Clarisonic removes toxins from the skin, it may serve to prevent acne. However, bear in mind that excessive exfoliation can irritate and potentially worsen acne.

Many raved about Clarisonic for acne and some even recommend Clarisonic for acne scars. It is safer to say that Clarisonic removes acne scars because of its excellent exfoliating abilities. Exfoliation speeds up skin cell turnover and causes old skin to shed, something Clarisonic is really stellar at.

Nay-sayers report that there are side effects to using Clarisonic. Dry, flaky and irritated skin is common complain for most. This product is not designed to treat serious acne conditions such as pustular or cystic acne. It can, however, get rid of excess oil which causes mild acne such as black and white heads. Therefore, mild acne sufferers with oily but non-sensitive skin can try Clarisonic on acne-free zones to prevent acne from forming in those areas.

Using Clarisonic is relatively simple. First, charge the brush. After it is charged, wet your skin and apply the cleanser to the head of the brush. The brush should be rubbed over the skin in a circular motion. Experts recommend spending 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds on the nose and 10 seconds on each side of the cheek.

Read up costumer reviews with similar acne conditions. Rather than sit there and wonder if Clarisonic good for acne, gain better knowledge by reading proven consumer reviews and getting advice from your dermatologist. A professional can give valuable feedback about cosmetic devices such as Clarasonic for acne treatment purposes.

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