How to Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid

stye (or sty) is an eyelid pimple. It happens when the oil glands on the eyelid becomes infected. The sty may manifest on the surrounding eye area, either as a pimple on lower eyelid or pimple on upper eyelid. The stye in eye is a pimple in the eyelid. Stys also can appear as a pimple inside eyelid or as a pimple on eyelid rim close to the lashes.

Stys are caused by an infection of either the oil glands at the root of the eye lashes or the sweat glands of Moll. The bacteria behind eye stye is staphylococcal bacteria which inhabits the nose. This bacterium is easily trafficked into the eye area through touching the nose and then the eye, causing pimples in the eyelid to form.

Styes are common and can happen to anyone of all ages.  A sty in eye is not likely to cause any vision complications. However, the lump on eyelid , also known as chalazion can partially obstruct normal vision. As a symptom of eye stye, this bump on eye lid can be painful. Chalazions are also not pretty things. A big pimple under eyelid can look pretty close to having a cyst on the eyelid.

Chalazions are caused by oil gland blockage which can be contributed by a stye in eye. This bump on upper eyelid can harden and  grow to the size of a bean or pea.  Then, there are also another type of eye pimples that appear as white pimples on eyelids. These small pimples on eyelids are whiteheads. This form of eye pimples are non cyst like. They are often attributed to the use of overly rich skin care products.  Such white pimple in eyelid can be treated with exfoliation or correct method of drainage.

Pimples on eyelid, like pimples on any part of the body are not permanent. A bump on the eyelid usually ripen within days. The stye eye or eye pimple will discharge pus or dead white blood cells, a sign that full recovery is on its way. Drainage of a pimple on the eyelid should only be done when you are sure that it is a whitehead. Styes will usually disappear by itself so it is best not to press it. You should not squeeze a pimple on the eyelid with your bare fingertips. This can introduce more bacteria, causing the tiny bump on eyelid to grow into a bigger, angrier bump on the eyelid.

If you are positive that the pimple in eyelid is a stye (an actual lump), try this stye treatment to see that your the sty dissipates:

1. Use warm compress. Apply a towel dampen with warm water to your stye for 10 minute intervals, a few times a day until the sty reduces in size.

2. Identify and remove the eyelash with a tweezer that is causing the sty infection if you are able to.

This stye on eyelid treatment should work if you are persistent enough with applying frequent and gentle warm pressure to it. If the stye spreads or grows larger instead or fails to respond to your home remedy, go see a doctor for medical treatment.

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