Chin Acne Treatment Tips – Get Rid of Chin Acne

Chin acne can be embarrassing. Dealing with itching, oozing bumps on the chin can be difficult. So what causes chin acne?

Most sources say acne on chin and jawline is caused by several reasons. The most common ones are high stress levels, the presence of toxins and impurities in the body or an unbalanced diet. Sometimes even a bad hairstyle- such as long bangs that caresses the chin can cause chin acne to arise. The habit of touching your chin, whether with your bangs or your fingers can lead to festering of acne bacteria on your chin. Keep hands and hair away to remove acne under chin.

The wrong cosmetic formulations may also cause of acne breakout on the chin. Avoid oil-based formulations for creams and moisturizers. Use water-based moisturizers and sunscreens after acne washes. Oil-free concealers with salicylic acid can help conceal and heal acne on chin as well. Antibiotic creams such as benzyl peroxide are also effective in the treatment of acne around mouth and chin.  Keep pores clean and unclogged with AHA or BHA creams and cleansers.

Women are especially susceptible to hormonal chin acne, more so than men. This is because chin acne is related to hormonal cycles. Drugs which decreases androgen production such as birth control pills can be use to treat chin acne in women. Oral antibiotics such as doxycycline are commonly prescribe to treat adult acne chin break-outs but its results vary for individuals.

Persistent acne on chin can be treated faster by improving your mood. It is known that a person’s emotional well-being is closely linked to the physiology of hormone production. A happier and lighter mood will help elevate stress which cause cystic acne on chin to appear suddenly. Drinking beet root juice daily is highly recommended as a natural remedy for chin acne. Beet root is a strong blood detoxifier, cleaning your bloodstream from dirty proteins and excessive hormones. Avoid dairy and processed sugars as they are identified as key chin acne causes. Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep to help regulate hormones.

Good luck in finding the right chin acne treatment for yourself. Try everything suggested above natural and you not see acne on chin area ever again.




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