Benzoyl Peroxide Soap Review – PanOxyl Bar 10% is Awesome!

Having tried a few medicated soaps I eventually came across PanOxyl Bar 10%, a benzoyl peroxide soap that has gotten really good reviews so far from many out there. It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide and as most of you know, benzoyl peroxide is an excellent topical method to kill acne-causing bacteria.

This cleanser worked extremely well for me. It healed up some pimples that broke out on my back after a sweaty game of tennis last week and I was very impressed by how fast it worked to heal acne. Since its pretty strong, I only used it once a day and even then it did its job.

Some have reported that it dries the skin although I didn’t find it to be over-drying. It’s very easy to use in the shower and really value for money especially when you are using it on your whole body and not just your face. Highly recommended if you have body, neck or face acne and need an benzoyl peroxide acne soap that works.

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