Stress and Acne – Does Stress Cause Acne?

What does stress cause?


One of the predominant causes of acne is stress. Stress causes acne because when under stress, the body releases tons of hormones into the bloodstream including cortisol and male hormone androgens. The rise of hormones are what cause acne. Androgens increases sebum production that can lead to clogged pores and stress pimples. Chronic stress acne can develop due to a hectic and demanding lifestyle,  lack of sleep and poor nutrition.

You know you are stressed when you experience both physical and emotional fatigue. Minor daily irritations and frustration can build up and cause emotional turmoil. As your emotions are closely linked to the amount and type of hormones released into your bloodstream, being angry and frustrated can wreak havoc to hormonal balance. A good way to reduce stress is to exercise as it releases feel good endorphins into the bloodstream. Do little things that make you feel relaxed such as reading, gardening or playing with your pets.

Acne is a sign that you are not treating your body right. Late nights overworks your body and sends your hormones on an overdrive. Sleep is important. The body, like any machine, uses that time to recuperate itself. During sleep, your body replaces dying cells and tissues and balances out hormonal levels. Not giving your body the needed 7-8 hours of sleep is making your body work overtime which leads to a state of chronic stress.

Stress Acne can be caused by starving your body of essential vitamins and minerals. A fast paced lifestyle usually means a lot of take out dinners and frozen meals. The best acne products you can use are actually fresh, wholesome meals.  Fueling your body with proper nutrients is vital in rebuilding your body. Eat whole grains instead of white flour and sugar as these causes drastic sugar level swings that stresses your body. Insulin level spikes causes inflammation in the body and increased hormonal fluctuation as well. Supplement your diet with vitamins for acne such as zinc, vitamin A,C,D, and essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. Read about what to eat on a hormonal acne treatment guide. Eating right is a natural acne treatment.

One of the best acne treatment you can do is to reduce your stress levels. Reduce your stress levels effectively through healthy eating, exercise and regulating sleep patterns. One of the best acne remedies and home acne treatments you can try is a nice hot essential oil soak in your bath tub. Add a few drops of tea tree or euyluptus oil. These oils fight acne bacteria along with the hot steam aids skin and lung detoxification. Try this ultimate relaxing acne remedy.

Stress and acne is a vicious cycle. Stress causes acne. Acne causes stress. Make little steps everyday to keep stress pimples away.

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