How to Deal With Emotional Problems Caused By Acne

Acne is not just a physical problem. It can have a profound effect on people that has no relation to the severity of the condition. The way you feel about yourself can mean that, if you are having a tough time anyway, even a few spots can cause problems.

Remember the good news that treating acne is much easier these days – your GP will know of lots of treatments that you can try. Take this book along with you if necessary and discuss your
treatment options.

Be sure to mention how having acne is making you feel. Giving up on school and dreams of a future career because of your acne now is not worth it. It is easy to believe that we know what another person is thinking.

Because you feel self-conscious, it is natural to assume that they are thinking badly of you but, if you were to stop and ask them what was going through their mind, you would often be surprised by their answer.

Try making eye contact with people and holding their gaze; it can give you more confidence that they are looking at you and not your spots. Spots, acne, zits – whatever you want to call them, they can all seem very ugly.

Mirrors can seem like your worst enemy if you are affected by acne but, if you get help for your skin, you should find that within the next six weeks you will be ready to put the mirrors back up, as you watch your skin improve. Remember: if the first treatment doesn’t work, keep trying until you find one that does.

Having acne is not a reason to want to die, especially when it is so treatable. While you are waiting for your treatment to work, why not talk to someone you feel you can trust. You’ll be amazed how it can help to share feelings that have been bottled up.

Things You Can Do to Help Yourself

Speak to someone today. Call the Samaritans, who are trained to help with people in your position. They will be able to give you undivided attention and a friendly listening ear. (Their number is in your local phone book.)

Make the decision to get medical help for your skin now and to stick with the treatment. If the first treatment doesn’t work, try another and another, until you get the right one. Be sure to tell your GP how your acne is affecting your life.

The doctor needs to know how serious this is for you. Accept help from your loved ones, if you can. You may feel that they are ‘bugging’ you but ask them if this is really what they intend to do. You can be sure the answer to this is going to be ‘no’. Talk to them about how they can help you.

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