Should I Use Blackhead Extractor Spoons on my Skin?

The comedone spoons you mention are designed to help squeeze the thick, wiggly type of pus from blackheads – in effect, clearing them out. It is not a matter of whether they are good or bad, it is down to each individual’s preference.

However, there are dangers that the spoon may either not fully extract the contents or will leave a bright red round mark where it has had to be pressed so hard onto the skin – thus leaving you with something potentially more obvious!

The answer is to not use the spoon ten minutes before you go out, as the skin will need time to calm down. If you use a hot compress on your skin before the spoon, this will make it much easier.

Other ways of extracting blackheads include the facial strips that are readily available from pharmacies/chemist shops. These act like glue and literally stick to the top of the blackheads and ‘strips’ them off.

Once again, there are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t use these, including a potential to irritate the skin in between the blackheads. If, however, you have a constant ongoing problem with blackheads and whiteheads, you may find a prescription cream containing a retinoid more helpful; this will loosen the plug while helping to reduce inflammation.

The cream won’t be an instant cure, but can help with more persistent blackheads.

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