Skin Needling Acne Scars – Does it Work?

After treating your last bout of acne, it is now time to deal with the trail of scars left behind. Wondering how to get rid of acne scars? The best treatment for acne scars are not for the chicken-hearted, because they do tend to hurt. One method that really looks the part is needling. Needling is an acne scar solution that remove acne scars by utilizing a paint-roller type equipment with rows of pin point needles on the dermis. Since scars are caused by the lack of collagen, skin needling acne scars reduce acne scars by increasing the skin’s production of collagen and Elastin through trans-derma injury. Needling for acne scarring removal can be enhanced by applying remodelling acne scar cream formulated with copper peptides or high level of vitamin C or A.

Skin needling for acne scars works best on ice-pick scars and soft scars. It improves the irregular appearance of more severe depressed fibrotic scars. Treating acne scars with needling looks painful but the pain level is about as bad as a sunburn. Recovery period is faster than chemical peels as the needling punctures deeper dermis but keeps epidermis unharmed whereas the latter burns off the epidermis level of the skin. Needling acne scars has a healing time of 48 hours or 2 days.

Other than the short healing downtime, skin needling is a better acne scar treatment because there is less risk of infection. As for cost per use, purchasing your own derma roller kit and copper peptide serum is still cheaper than laser treatments at clinics. The results of needling as acne scar home treatment is also comparable to fractional laser resurfacing minus the outrageous bill. Similar to laser, needling will take multiple treatments to see big results. Give yourself 6-10 weeks rest in between each session. Remodeling of new collagen is an on-going process for 12 months per session. That means you get continual acne scarring treatment for a year every time you use the derma roller.

Successful collagen remodeling and new collagen productions depend on accurate targeting of the dermis. Skin Needling with 2mm needles successfully penetrates into the intermediate reticular dermis. This intermediate reticular dermis has the highest concentration of stem cells. With the epidermis intact and plenty of healthy tissue surrounding each micro injury, new collagen production is induced with minimal harm to skin structure. Another benefit of needling as an acne scar removal technique is its suitability for all skin colors and types. Some chemical peels can affect melanin glands on darker skin tones. However, with needling, melanocytes on the epidermis level are not harmed. This means that there is no danger of inflammatory hyperpigmentation or pigment change. Needling is also a safer form of treatment for acne scars, it can be used on sensitive areas such as below the eyes, back of hands and neck.

When it comes to choosing the right derma roller, the umber of pins on the roller is secondary. The most important feature is the needle length. There are many derma rollers with different needle lengths. Needles of 0.75 mm to 2mm is enough to penetrate the intermediate reticular dermis. Any longer than 2mm will risk tearing and damaging skin layers.

Most derma kits comes with a topical anesthesia that numbs your skin to the otherwise rather prickly experience. Apply it before you roll and always read the instructions before trying. Home needling acne scar treatments can be done in the privacy of your home safely. To enhanced healing and collagen regeneration, be sure use copper peptide serums in gradation or a tretinoin solution for maximum benefits. You can get top quality fresh copper peptides right from the source- Dr. Loren Pickart Skin Biology website. You should get familiar with the rolling from demonstration videos. Do not get too excited and risk over-rolling and taxing your skin.

Skin needling is the one of the best acne scar treatments for the above mentioned reasons. As with most acne scars treatment, it will take time to see big results. Getting rid of acne scars takes patience and at times, nerve. I know needling can look scary but once you take the plunge, the rest is not too hard. Time to say good bye to acne scarring forever!





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