Acne Free in 3 Days Review – Does it Really Cure Acne Fast?

Acne Free in 3 Days is an ebook (US $39.95) that’s been around for some time. First released on 2003, it was pretty big sensation and many people bought into the hype of the product and for a period of time I couldn’t stop hearing about it. It’s as if everyone was raving and ranting about the acne treatment regime recommended in the book.

Being the curious cat that I am, I read it a year after it was released and actually tried the method that promises to help you get rid of acne in 3 days.

The million dollar question: Does it really work? Sort of. To a certain extent, it did. My skin cleared up tremendously after it. I was overjoyed. I would say 95% of my acne disappeared rapidly a few days after the 3 days program. While my acne did come back 6 months later, the fact that it cleared my skin up was something noteworthy.

While I don’t really believe in quick, miracle cures for acne, I was always looking for something that would work overnight and best of all, something that was all natural (which was healthier). I thought the Acne Free in 3 Days program would be the answer to my prayers and it didn’t disappoint me that much. But bear in mind, this program requires some actual work from your part. And it isn’t that easy.

Like I’ve said earlier on, this is a pretty hype-y product and I thought I’ll give you an honest and unbiased review of it, something you don’t see often on the internet as other blogs are mostly interested in promoting it for some extra cash. Being an acne sufferer myself since my teenage years, I’m really passionate about helping people get rid of acne so trust me when I say that I’m working for your interest here.

The first 16 pages of the book is really a pep talk with some personal history of the author Chris Gibson thrown within. I was really bored with this section and skimmed most of it because it just told me what I already knew: acne sucks and getting rid of it requires personal commitment towards a change in lifestyle. To be honest, this section wasn’t necessary although I guess it helps some people appreciate the struggle the author went through.

Let’s move on. I’m not sure if this is actually allowed but I think I’ll just write out word-for-word some key sections of the ebook. This is only a snippet so I hope its ok. I think you deserve to know what the book is really about and I have no desire to hide anything from you just in order to get you to buy it.

Here is the most important thing you can learn from Acne Free in 3 Days:

In order to completely detoxify the body, you needed to remove the metals and toxins in the liver that create acne breakouts.Eat nothing but apples for three days, drink water only and 3oz of grape juice the last day.You also needed to massage pure castor oil into your affected skin each night before retiring.

This was to help keep the pores open. The method also requires an “internal cleansing” via enema or mild laxative to wash out the lower bowel on the second and third day. It is important to NOT reabsorb the very toxins you are working to remove.

This had worked for people since the 1940’ s and was so effective that many did the “Apple or Grape Fast” once or twice a year to keep their acne – among other ailments clear, even though none of them had it return.

Pages 22 to 31 talk about the entire process in great detail. While the steps are listed above, its recommended to know exactly what to do and the book explains exactly what you should do step by step. This is probably my favorite section of the ebook and the part that is most important. If you do get the ebook, this is the part you should read, print out and follow to the letter.

Later on in the book, the author recommends a specific facial peel product to get rid of acne scars. I haven’t tried the product before so I can’t recommend it but it seems to have helped a lot of people, judging by the huge amount of favorable responses online.

Pages 32 to 36 cover alternative remedies you can use to cure acne and some of the tips recommended here include the use of herbs and essential oils/castor oil as part of a steaming regimen. The focus is still on internal cleansing though.

Finally page 36 to 37 features a short question and answer section about the apple fast and is useful because this is where common questions about the regime is mentioned and answered. If you’re unsure about the apple fast and what to do exactly, read this section after going through the whole book. It’s quite important.

To conclude, should you buy this ebook? You decide. Now that you know what the 3 day method really is, you should know if you want to try it. I’ll be honest and tell you the truth here: It worked very well for me. It got rid of my acne.

Will it work for you? The only way to know is to try it. And if you’re sick and tired of acne and want a cure, I would recommend that you give this ebook a try. After all, what’s a few dollars compared to a great complexion that’s free of acne?

Cheers and I wish you all the luck!

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