Do Facial Saunas Help Acne Skin?

Experts tend to agree that saunas only do half a job in helping the skin. The theory is that they open the pores of the face, allowing the trapped ‘debris’ to be released. Although saunas will open the skin pores, it is not complete enough for clogged-up pores to just ‘release’ themselves on their own.

Once the skin has cooled, sweat is still trapped in the follicle, together with the sebum and dead skin cells (the main culprits in acne), and this combination could actually make matters worse. If you use a sauna too regularly, you may find that the skin starts to ‘break out’, as it finds it hard to keep up with such direct heat, open pores and sweat.

Use clean cotton pads soaked in a gentle cleanser to help remove any excess sweat or grease once you have used a sauna. It is fair to say that some people find it relaxing and refreshing to use a sauna – whether facial or full – but our advice is to stay away from them if you have a problem with acne eruptions. Any sort of steamy environment is no good for acne-prone skin.

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