Acne Facial Wash – The Best Facial Wash for Acne

An acne facial wash works by removing the excess oils, dirt and other impurities from the skin of your face. A lot of people prefer using a facial wash instead of the traditional soap bars because it does not overly dry the skin. Also, it does not leave any residue on your face as well as acting as gentle cleansers.

So what kind of acne facial wash works best for you? Well, it all actually depends on what kind of skin you have. Personally, I have oily skin and sensitive skin so I have to choose products that cleanses well without over-drying the skin. I use Exposed Facial Wash because it does the job. It has 0.5% Salicyclic Acid to exfoliate and absorb excess oil from the skin and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which conditions and treats acne. I love the additional Sage extract it contains which help detoxify the skin with daily use.

Acne prone skin types can benefit from BHA (Salicyclic Acid) or BHA/AHA cleansers as they take off the extra oils and keep the skin pores cleaner. Some of the drugstore products that carries Salicylic Acid is Oil Free acne Wash from Neutrogena and Vichy Normaderm Facial Wash for Acne Prone Skin. And for those with dry skin, you can try Cetaphil cleanser. It is proven mild and effective and would leave enough moisture on your face.

So you already have knowledge of the most popular products out there. But you might get fooled by some acne facial wash products that promise you a lot and leave you with undesirable results. Here are some of the characteristics you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right kind of acne facial wash for you:

  • It should be a very reliable cleansing product. A good acne facial wash should not only wash away dirt and excess oils, it should also be able to wash away dead skin cells from your face, to truly give you a smooth radiant glow.
  • The best acne facial wash are the mild ones. Acne cannot be treated with harsh chemicals as this may lead to irritation and redness later on. Make sure that the product has mild formulation before you try it.
  • Read the ingredients at the back of the product. For those with oily skin types and persistent acne, you should use a facial wash with  salicylic acid or benzoic peroxide. Remember to use a quality light-weight moisturizer after to prevent skin dryness that comes with using these products on a frequent basis.
  • Knowing the right kind of acne facial wash to use is just one of the first few steps you can take towards achieving a smooth, glowing skin. It is also important to keep in mind that a proper diet and plenty of sleep helps a lot to improve one’s skin condition.

There are endless products out there that can help you keep a smooth skin and solve acne problems but the change must begin from you. Eat healthy wholegrains and foods and exercise frequently to sweat the toxins out. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages also dries out your skin. Stay away from pollutants that can clog your pores and cause acne.

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