Copper Peptides For Acne Scars – Why it Works

copper peptides for acne scars

Copper peptide is an acne scar treatment. It is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of acne marks when used concurrently with tissue remodeling  acid peels and needling. Many Independent clinical studies have found copper peptides for skin to be more effective than retinoid (retin-A) and Vitamin C in assisting wound healing and collagen stimulation. Trials with placebos have been tested and found copper peptides to work on a nano-molecular level in getting rid of scars. Many cosmetic companies have included the copper peptide skin ingredient as an acne scar solution.

Copper peptides is marketed under ProCyte Corporation under different patent names. Copper peptide’s founder and leading researcher, Dr. Loren Pickart has his own line of copper peptide products called Skin biology. Skin Biology offers copper peptide serum and copper peptide creams. Skin Biology recommend copper peptides cream to to be used in conjunction with exfoliating and remodeling acids, rolling scar treatment or needling treatment for scar removal and acne marks removal. Copper peptides also known scientifically as GHK-Cu, repairs damaged DNA and photo-aged skin, stimulates collagen and cell proliferation. Copper peptides also increased antioxidant enzymes on the skin. Copper peptides get rid of blemishes and help acne scars naturally. As a natural existing peptide which can be isolated from human plasma, copper peptides consist of 3 amino acids and is also called Tripeptide.

Copper peptides penetrates hair follicles and signals to skin cells to activate wound healing properties. Copper peptide is now very popular as a hair growth product. Amongst acne scar products, copper peptide has seen a high success rate with many users in their quest for how to reduce scars and how to fix acne scars completely. While copper peptides may not be the most effective how to get rid of acne product in the market, it is the one of the quickest way to see improvement on acne scar skin with regular use.

However, there is a catch to copper peptides: similar to retinoids, you have to start slow at weaker concentrations and gradually increase the concentration can get what is popularly known as the Uglies within the copper peptide user circuit. The Uglies are the reverse of what you want- saggy and wrinkly skin due to copper peptide abuse. When you provide too much copper peptides than your skin can handle, it will trigger copper peptides to push too much damaged skin outward faster than it can replace it, leading to saggy skin. Remember the number 1 rule with treatment acne scar with copper peptides, LESS IS MORE.

Here’s how to get rid of acne marks and acne spots with copper peptides:

Step 1. Cleanse skin with a mild cleanser.

Step 2. Needling therapy or use a BHA/AHA peel. Skin Biology offers daily exfoliation serums and creams- Exfol (Salicylic Acid 2%), Lacsal (Lactic + Salicylic Acid 10%) or Lactic Power (Lactic Acid 10%). Serums are recommended for oily and acne prone skin types. Normal, combo or dry skin types should use creams.

Step 3. Wait for 30 mintues then apply a small amount of Copper Peptide cream all over your face. If you are using serum, dilute the serum mixed with water according to this ratio:

1st and 2nd Week:  Dilute 5:1

3rd and 4th Week:  Dilute 4:1  (Copper Peptide: Water)

5th and 6th Week:  Dilute 3:1

7th and 8th Week:  Dilute 2:1

9th and 10th Week: Dilute 1:1

Week 11 onwards use solution serum at full strength.

Step 4. Use 1-3 drops of lipid based moisturizer that is close to the skin type such as Emu Oil or Squalene (derived from Olive fruit) to push copper peptides deeper into the skin.

Copper peptides can also be used as an under eye treatment. One product is Skin Signals. Apply in a small amount.

Copper peptides can be THE acne scars product that can get rid of scars if you use it with care and in the right amounts. Stick to the dosage and you will see scars diminishing faster than you can ever dream possible.

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