How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Forever

Has your acne finally cleared up, but you have been left with ugly and embarrassing acne scars and redness? If so, you are probably getting desperate to learn how to get rid of acne scars. Dealing with acne is bad enough on its own, but it is really devastating when you have finally cured your acne and you are often left with deep acne scars that can take months or even years to heal. Many people have old acne scars that have never healed.

There is hope though! There are several effective methods to get rid of acne scars that work very well. Post acne scars are usually a result of scratching, picking or squeezing the pimple. Scars form at the site of the skin trauma. There are also cases where the acne is so inflamed or infected that it leaves cystic acne scars even if you haven’t scratched or picked at all.

After learning how to get rid of acne as a first step, let’s examine the post-acne situation by looking at the types of acne scarring that you may have and how to get rid of acne scars. There are almost as many types of acne scars as there are acne scar treatments.

Ice pick scars are deep pitted acne scars, shaped like the hole that an ice pick would leave. Ice pick scars are one of the most common types of acne scars. The more severe scars of this type are sometimes called “depressed fibrotic scars.” The good news is ice pick scars respond well to most acne scar treatments.

Hypertrophic scars are thickened, red acne scars that may eventually fade on their own, though it can take a year or more in some cases. Cortisone injections can sometimes speed up the healing process, and dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments work well too.

Keloid scars are unique in that they spread beyond the area that was originally affected. These are raised, dome-shaped scars that are often in irregular shapes. Keloids are commonly body acne scars, typically found on the chest or back. Laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation and injections into the keloid scar are the most effective Keloid scar removal treatments.

Dark acne scars – Sometimes after the red scarring fades, you are left with dark or black acne scars. These black spots are concentrations of melanin in the scar zone. The medical term for these dark scars is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH. Among the other treatment options available, there are also skin whitening products on the market that are designed to fade acne scars such as these.

What Are the Different Acne Scar Solutions Available?

Dermabrasion and dermaplaning are common methods used to smooth the surface layers of the skin by scraping the rough surfaces caused by scars from acne and other injuries. Dermaplaning works particularly well as an acne scar removal for hypertrophic and keltoid scars. Dermaplaning and dermabrasion work well alone or in combination with chemical peels.

Chemical peels use a chemical solution that removes the outer layers of the skin. This is a particularly effective way to heal acne scars of all types, including dark acne scars. Chemical peels are also effective for wrinkles and age spots.

Acne Scar Cream – scar removal creams containing tretinoin help to speed up the skin’s healing process and can cure acne scars without having to resort to surgery or expensive medical procedures.

Laser treatment for acne is similar to both dermabrasion and chemical peels as it also removes the surface layer of the skin, creating a soother, more even surface. This method uses a laser for acne scars that removes the rough surface or discoloration caused by acne scarring. Of all the acne scar remedies, laser treatment is the most expensive.

The Punch Technique is usually recommended for deep pitted acne scars. The doctor punches and removes a piece of the scar, then places a skin graft where the scar was removed. In less severe cases, if your scars are not very deep, it may not even be necessary to do the skin graft. The skin can just be punched out and left to heal. The downfall to this method is that the recovery period is longer than other methods and you may take several weeks to heal.

Acne scarring is not only a physical problem, it is an emotionally painful and embarrassing thing to live with. It affects all aspects of your life – your social life, self esteem, career and relationships all suffer when you are dealing with the emotional damage that acne scars leave behind.

Now that you’ve learned how to get rid of acne scars, you know that there is hope! There are several methods available to you and you should discuss with your dermatologist which one is right for you.

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