Can Collagen Injections Heal Sunken Acne Scars?

Sunken scars happen because of a loss of skin structure resulting from damage to collagen and other tissue ‘building blocks’. The injections – of collagen or of artificial ingredients – are used to bulk up the skin under the scar and make it look flat.

They can work quite well but are not permanent and need redoing every few months. Some of the artificial ingredients irritate the skin less than collagen and may last longer. If the scar is on part of the face where the facial muscles are used less (e.g. the forehead or temples), its benefits may last up to six or eight months.

Another procedure involves taking some fat from another part of your body and injecting it under the scar. Once again, though, it is not permanent. Check out skin clinics to see if they have experience of treating acne scars using ‘injectable dermal fillers’. Don’t go to anyone who isn’t thoroughly experienced.

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