Your Daily Diet and its Relationship With Acne

Scientists have found a link between acne and the foods we eat. Dairy products and sugar are found to worsen acne.You may well hear people saying they have changed what they eat and their acne has got better. While it is true that we all have different genetic makeups, we need certain nutrients for general health and well being.

Health food shops, nutritionists and herbalists will promote foods and supplements that treat acne. Supplements are important in today’s fast-food world. The quality of nutrients are lacking in non-organic and non local produce. Therefore it is important to watch what you eat and include supplements to ensure your good overall and skin health.

Having acne is bad enough without making life miserable by avoiding the foods you like! Include good sources of zinc (wholemeal grains, brown rice, meat), vitamin A (carrots, wolf-berries or goji berries, liver) and polyunsaturated fats (ratio of omega 3,6,9 from healthy oils).

Here’s a tip on selection of cooking oils based on your cooking methods:

1) Choose cold-pressed oils such as extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil for salads

2) If cooking oil in high temperatures such as stir-frying, deep-frying or baking choose Rice bran oil. Rice bran oil has the high smoke point at 400 Deg Celsius. It does not turn toxic when exposed to higher temperatures. Other good oils for these cooking methods are Grapeseed oil and Canola oil.

3) For supplements, take Omega 3 oils such as flaxseed oil or cold-water fish oils (salmon, cod, anchovy). Take 2-3 1000mg pills a day to balance out the amount of omega 6 oils you eat in cooked foods.

Eat a lot of fresh greens and vegetables. Snack on low-sugar fruits such as green apples, passion fruit, kiwis, berries, guavas, grapefruit and dragon fruit. Fresh oranges and lemonade sweetened with low GI- sugar such as Agave nectar, Xylitol, Maple syrup or Palm sugar are okay too. Best to curb your sweet tooth when you have acne as high sugar levels fuels acne-producing hormones.

Try to limit rich foods like red meat and eggs in your daily diet.

This will ensure that your general health is as good as possible and that your body is well able to repair the damage that acne can cause. If you are on a long course of antibiotics, take yogurt culture or an acidophilus supplement to protect intestinal flora. Fruit and vegetables contain the anti-oxidant vitamins C, E, A, K and these will help you fight infections.

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