Pimples on Buttocks – Ways to Get Rid of Them Fast!

Pimples on buttocks can really be literally a pain in the ass. Pimples can grow anywhere including at the rear. Pimples on buttocks start small, as little spots and you can feel them protruding every so slightly. Pimple on buttocks tend to grow fast into large painful bumps without warning and become painful for you to sit on. Before you know it they will have turned into a magnificent big boil. Ouch!

A visit to the dermatologist is something you might want to consider. But before booking your appointment, you might want to try some home remedies out and see if those nasty pimples on the buttocks still persist. If they do, go right on and visit the dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. But be aware that pimples on buttocks are a common ailment that befalls anyone once a while.

The Chinese believe that pimples on buttocks is caused by internal heat. According to Western tradition, pimples on buttocks is usually caused by a combination of factors such as skin sensitivity to fabrics, out of whack hormone production, drugs, stressful lifestyle or poor nutrition.

Take the first initiative to choose breathable fabrics for bottom wear. Washing the area regular with anti-fungal wash such as Magnesium sulfate is said to be a good natural cure for pimples on buttocks. It comes in a a powder form which you make a paste with water and then applied to the pimple on buttocks as a natural antiseptic agent to kill targeted bacteria.

It also does a marvelous job of soaking up surrounding moisture from the wound, drying up the the pimple on the buttocks to cure it. Consider taking a nice warm, relaxing bath with a generous dose of Epsom salts that contains Magnesium sulfate.

Avoid over-scrubbing or abrasive wear on the tender wound. Treat it with concentrated tea tree oil every now and then and if you really want it to disappear fast, try benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide destroys pimples on buttocks fast but may not be a scar-free treatment.

Pimple popping may the final thing you want to do, after days of treatment, the pimple should be ripen and will pop itself. If you want to pop it prematurely, be sure to sterilize the area with surgical alcohol and use sterilized extraction tools. After the popping procedure, sterilize the area again and apply anti-bacteria lotion such as tea tree oil or benzoyl peroxide, magnesium sulfate on the wound. This will sting a little.

Do make sure to drink plenty of water, keep cool and the butt area free from sweat and moisture. Detoxify your system with natural anti-microbial herbal tea of seeped chrysanthemum flowers or lemon juice. As the latter is a perfect breeding ground for pimples on buttocks. Good luck!

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