How to Pop A Pimple- 6 Steps Popping Zits the Right Way

We all know we aren’t suppose to pop pimples as they might lead to scars. That is, if you don’t do it correctly. There’s the proper method to get rid of those nasty looking zits without leading to scarring. In fact, it might even heal your zits faster. If you don’t want to wait around for your zits to shrink or erupt, follow these steps to safely disarm them.

Step 1: Selecting Ripe Pimples

Pimples that are ready all have this characteristic: they are elevated sacs of yellow pus encased within a layer of skin. The yellow pus are white blood cell corpses that have been used to fend off bacteria. Choose carefully rather than randomly pricking every pimple you see.

Step 2: Wash Hands with Antibacteria Handwash

Like every surgeon preparing for an operation, thoroughly wash your hands with anti-bacteria soap and water. Pat dry.

Step 3: Disinfect Needle over a Flame, followed by Surgical Alcohol

Take a small sewing needle and run it over the tip of a flame from a lighter or matchstick. Use a cotton pad dipped with surgical alcohol and wipe the tip of the needle for complete sterilization.

Step 4: Aim Parallel and Impale

Taking your needle, aim parallel to the top head of the pimple. Prick the top head of the pimple through the skin till you get a bit of the needle through the other side (think kebab).

Step 5: Use Tissue to Apply Pressure downwards, Soaking up Pus and Blood

Use a tissue in a perpendicular position, apply pressure downwards to mop up the pus from the pimple. Apply a bit more pressure until pus and blood are all soaked up, leaving only a clear liquid flowing through. Absorb as much as you can.

Step 6: Disinfect Operated Area with Surgical Alcohol Again

Wipe the pimple that you’ve just popped with surgical alcohol again to keep bacteria at bay. You can also clean the needles with alcohol for future use.

Speed up the healing process with any anti-bacteria topical treatments such as benzoyl peroxide, triclosan, resorcinol or tea tree oil. Sulfur, salicyclic acid and zinc oxide will also dry up acne fast.

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