Will Creams or Vitamin E Help to Cure Acne Scars?

It is difficult to answer your question because we don’t know what type of scars or skin colouring you have. Scars from extra tissue or from deep damage and loss of tissue will not be helped by creams.

Some very superficial scars may look better if you keep your skin in good condition with a moisturizer, and can sometimes be improved by using the same retinoid creams that are prescribed to treat acne.

They are stronger versions of ‘anti- wrinkle’ treatments and do seem to have some effect in encouraging the growth of new collagen to give strength to the skin. If you do use a retinoid cream, you should avoid sunlight, so use a good suncream of at least 15 SPF, even on non-sunny days, to help protect your skin.

You will usually have to use these creams or gels for a long time before you start to see any significant results, and then continue to use them.

There is no evidence that vitamin E helps scars. However, most vitamin E creams are good moisturizers, and this can improve the quality of your skin in general and perhaps help make the scars less obvious.

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