Enzymes that Help Bust Acne

Systemic enzymes

Have you heard about the product called Vitalzym? Vitalzym boosts a great amount of systemic enzymes which is found in Vitalzym which removes excess fibrin- the scar tissue that covers over scar tissue causing acne pockmarks.

Systemic enzymes work in body organs, tissue, skin, and joints to remove excess fibrin, which accumulates in these areas. Systemic enzymes feeds nutrients to damaged areas, speeds up repair rate of tissues, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, waste products and enhances immune system.

Digestive Enzymes

Majority of the foods we eat these days are processed foods which are enzyme- famished, lacking digestive enzymes that help break down the food we eat. Live enzymes are found in living foods from mother nature. Foods without live enzymes require a great amount of energy to be digested by the body as the body draws from its limited enzyme bank from the pancreas in order to complete the digestion. Eating quality raw fruits and vegetables maintains the body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself, benefiting the skin and organs, ridding one of problematic skin conditions such as acne.

Reducing the amount of toxins in the colon is also of great importance for acne sufferers. Accumulated toxins from the slow digestive process leaks from the colon into the bloodstream, making its way to the surface area of the skin, causing acne. Therefore it is wise to include as much living foods to your diet as possible.

Cooking foods at high temperatures alters the molecular structure of the foods and kills living enzymes, making it not as digestive friendly as living foods.

Why not try a short period of detox with a living foods diet? You may see great changes in your skin condition.

Photo Credits: Proyecto Agua

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