Basic Introduction to Treating Acne Scars

If you are of the skin type most likely to scar as a result of acne, it may be that even the best physical treatment could leave you with different but just as ugly scars. You really have to spend a lot of time talking to people who have a special interest in acne and getting realistic answers about the relative benefits of the different types of treatment.

Time and a little money spent at this phase will save you a fortune later. Talk to your GP, dermatologist and, if possible, a plastic surgeon who works at a hospital. You might have to pay privately to consult a plastic surgeon but it will be a lot less than paying a private clinic to start treatment.

Treating the scars resulting from loss of tissue can involve anything that strips off layers of skin. This aims to bring all the skin down to the level of the lowest scar and then new skin growing without the scars. Various different techniques are used, ranging from chemicals to peel away layers (giving only a superficial effect), through sandpaper treatment which can go quite deep, to lasers which burn off layers of skin.

Getting a good result is difficult, especially for the pitted type of scarring. Sometimes only 35–50 per cent improvement is achieved, and you must ask yourself whether this would be enough to make you feel better, especially if coping with scars is very difficult for you.

Treating scars should not just be the physical side of things – you will probably benefit from counselling before undergoing treatment, to appreciate the procedure and the realistic outcomes and how you will deal with the healing process and looking to the future. This can be done with a proper, in-depth consultation with the dermatologist or surgeon who will be undertaking the procedure and with the help of a trained counsellor or psychologist.

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