How to use Tamanu Oil for Acne

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Tamanu oil for acne has been a traditional treatment in Polynesia and South East Asia. Scientific research of Doctor Jenson and Professor Lederer have found that Tamanu Oil or Calophyllum Inophyllum oil is rich in fatty acid- Calophyllic acid, an antibiotic and antibacterial lactone as well as an anti-inflammatory agent called calophyllolide. Applying virgin tamau oil on scars for six to nine weeks have been proven to fade acne scars by average 0.28 cm. Tamanu nut oil benefits means big news for acne treatment and acne scar treatment.

What is tamanu oil?

Tamanu oil is harvested from the Ati Tree, a native of the tropical Pacific. Found mainly in Tahiti, the Ati tree produces the tamanu nut. The nut is sun dried in ordered to create a source of oil. Pure tamanu oil is then extracted from the nut via cold pressing. Tamanu oil and acne cannot coexist together. Tamanu oil is one of the best natural treatments for acne and acne scars due to its abundance of essential fatty acids, antimicrobial and bacteria inhabiting actions.

Tamanu oil for acne scars is a popular scar treatment. Tamanu oil helps cicatrisation- the regeneration of new tissue matter within the epidermis, dermis and hydrodermis. Pure tamanu is the perfect acne scars treatment as it easily penetrates all three skin layers, delivering a good dose of antioxidants, phospholipids and anti-inflammatory coumarins for hydration and remodeling purposes. Tamanu oil uses include physical relief for arthritis, joint pain, open wounds, all sorts of sores, infection and rashes, psoriasis, eczema, gout, ringworm, dry and scaly skin. The most obvious use of tamanu oil is as a home remedy for acne, scars and wrinkles.

You can reap tamanu oil benefits by either directly applying tamanu nut oil as a moisturizer on clean skin or use it as a carrier oil for a healing facial scrub. Simply mix in some raw sugar with some tamanu oil and gently exfoliate your skin for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing off. Be sure to apply the oil with clean fingertips after cleansing your face. A little goes a long way for natural therapeutic  oils.

The natives of Vanuatu and Tahiti considered tamanu oil to be a sacred healing gift from the  gods. Tamau oil can be one of the best acne solutions for you to try. Many acne sufferers have tried tamanu oil and gotten fabulous results. You can read online tamanu oil reviews to find out about user experience. If you are wondering where to buy tamanu oil, you can find out where to buy tamanu oil by doing a online search. Organic tamanu oil  is the best grade and it should be virgin and cold pressed.

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