Does Dairy Cause Acne? Find Out Now!

“Yes,” says Canadian dermatologist Dr. F.W. Danby. Dr. Danby found the link between dairy and acne- hormones. Milk from pregnant cows are naturally infused with high levels of hormones during its menstrual cycle. Farmed cows are pregnant most of their lives to produce milk for mass consumption. Cows are injected with additional recombinant bovine growth hormone – rBGH.  Hormones in dairy products activates oil producing glands in human beings.

When the human body is being flooded by an excess secretion of hormones, more sebum will be produced, blocking pores, resulting in acne. Sources of hormonal production include the sexual organs, adrenal or “stress” glands and lastly, the external diet derive source- dairy products.

Since everyone has a different threshold of hormones, consumption of dairy products adds an unnecessary load to the body, causing acne.Young women generally will secrete more hormones during their monthly menstruation. Stress can also cause an additional release of hormones into your bloodstream.

Eliminating dairy from your diet will reduce the amount of hormones in your body. Your personal hormonal threshold is hereditary so if your ancestors and parents had acne, your chances of a lower hormonal threshold will be higher.

All dairy products are simulators of hormonal imbalances in humans, including “organic”, “lactose-free” milk and diary products as they all contain high levels of cow hormones. If you are suffering from acne, it is best to avoid anything with dairy in it. Milk is densely concentrated with hormones but cheese has even more as it takes a lot of milk to make cheese.

To ease the transition of dairy-free lifestyle, try milk substitutes such as soy, nut and grain milk, soy/rice cheeses, soy or grain cream alternatives. Goat milk and goat cheese are not hormone-free  so it is best to avoid them as well.

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